12 Best U.S. Seaside Cities for a Summer Escape

Inspiration for your next "seascape."

Summer oftentimes means time spent out at the beach or out at sea, but these coastal cities offer visitors and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy some urban amenities, including the top-notch shopping and dining that a more “metropolitan” spot would offer. Here are 12 of the most vibrant seaside cities that host the best of both worlds for a summer escape, with a dynamic selection of shopping, dining, and outdoor exploration across both coasts of the U.S.

Can’t Get to Italy this Summer? Whisk Yourself Away With 10 Italian Cookbooks

If you can't make it to Italy this summer, at least your tastebuds can be transported there.

Whether your budget has been busted by soaring travel costs or you just can’t stomach the airport chaos of this summer’s constant cancellations and endless delays, there’s a good chance your dreams of sipping wine in Tuscany or strolling the fashionable streets of Milan have been dashed. To get you there in spirit, we’ve rounded up the 10 most fabulous Italian cookbooks that will transform your kitchen, sofa, or garden into that Italy escape you’ve been longing for, even if just for a moment. From exhaustive classic compendiums to modern guides of previously unexplored niches, you’ll find a whole lot more than just pasta on this list (although there’s plenty of that, too!).

6 Iconic Tourist Spots That COVID Destroyed

More may follow.

Graceland, the mansion-museum where Elvis Presley lived for 20 years, is facing financial troubles after the pandemic. The estate has welcomed over 20 million fans since it began its second life as a museum, giving a glimpse into the life of the musical legend. However, post-COVID, revenue has reduced, and it has defaulted on its bonds. It may not be a death sentence for the famous tourist attraction—travel has picked up considerably this year, and the new movie Elvis is generating new interest in the King—but it’s a sign of the times. Many other tourist spots and iconic businesses have not been as lucky. After the pandemic shut down travel, businesses dependent on the tourist dollar fell like dominoes, and for many, there was no recovering from it.

The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Guide to Visiting New York City

From the historic Stonewall Inn to one of the few remaining lesbian bars, these New York establishments are a must-visit.

New York City has a wide variety of LGBTQ+ bars, restaurants, brunch spots, community centers, bookstores, and more. You can easily spend your entire week-long holiday just exploring the city’s queer spots and still not cover them all. Many come with their own unique history, while others are newer and offer exciting events every week. Here is a selection of a few you should not miss out on!

Have You Tried These 10 Iconic Southern Comfort Foods?

From fried chicken in the Carolinas to beignets in New Orleans, the American South is known for its delicious comfort food.

Southern cooking is the very definition of comfort food: fried chicken, creamy grits, beignets, and gumbo. It is warm and welcoming. It combines influences from enslaved African Americans, Native Americans, the British, and the French, and recipes and traditions have been handed down from one generation to the next, reports Faith Rose, a food tour guide with Bulldog Tours in Charleston, South Carolina, and Advisory Board Member to the Culinary Institute of Charleston. Still, there are geographic variations in recipes. So while you may find grits from Louisiana to North Carolina, Alabama to Mississippi, and Virginia to Georgia, the recipes will have been tweaked to each region’s agricultural bounty and cultural traditions—meaning it’s all the more fun to sample the following iconic foods whenever and wherever you head southward.